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Simplify It: My Journey to a Better Life

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Ok so here is the deal, I’m a recent graduate student and even though what I studied suits me pretty well and I like it, I still had the feeling something was missing in my life. I have an established job at a huge company and life goes pretty well for me I must say. But even having that, there was something that did not fit right; I rather say something that could spice up my life a bit more.

Right after I finished my bachelor’s degree I was asked so many times when would I start my master’s degree. Even though I want to pursue that goal and study a PhD also, I realized I did not know in which area I would be specializing; in the back of my mind I had this crazy idea of taking this year off from studying and doing something that not much of us do.

I dared myself to stop for one moment and think about me, think about my talents and ambitions, what I am good at and in what I would like to exceed. Let me tell you that even if I’m 26 years old, I never stopped and thought what I am good at. I normally did some things because I had to, my friends did it, my family advised it, or because it was meant to be, but never took the time to recognize if I was good at that and if I’d like it.

Anyways, at first I tried to think what I like to do, and even though there are some certain hobbies I have nothing came to my mind. As the days passed by, I started feeling disconnected and isolated again, confused and very depressed because all that confusion took me to think that I did not know myself.

One of those days I went to visit my parents, and I was at my sister’s room, I noticed her room well was a little bit messed up and I just asked her if she’d let me just organize her book case, and in 3 minutes she had the best organized book case she had in some time (sorry sis!)…but it did not end there, next I went through her closet and all of the sudden her entire room was perfectly neat and organized. She asked me how did I do it and made it seem so easy, and honestly at that moment I did not have the answer to that.

Several days after, while at was at work I saw a picture of that day and then it hit me, like a lightning bolt straight to my heart, I am good at organizing, and I enjoy doing it. Even writing about it right now makes me feel motivated and happy. This is what I want to do, I want to organize and help people.

Now, even though I already knew what I wanted to do and what I wanted to focus my mental energies in this year; I actually did not know where to start. I started by talking to my boyfriend, which got pretty excited about what I wanted to do. Let’s just say that 3 days after he had made an entire investigation about it, and felt committed to work with me along the way, as he also wants to learn about it. Also, he was the first to suggest me to start blogging the process.

So together we came to this conclusion, to help others first I have to help me, even though I have the talent, I know that I have a long way to run; and I need to learn so much, because my experience resumes into organizing small stuff. This blog will help me document all my progress and knowledge that I acquire in this time

As a result, this is my b-log and my journey in discovering, experiencing and most of all learning, how can I organize my self, how can I use the tools I get, and how can I make things easier. I had a teacher once who just told us: “Simplify it and everything will come your way”. So I am really eager of start sailing in this boat, and hopefully you will too.


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