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Me and my organizing world

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Objective: Describe my organization skills and what I usually follow up to get things done successfully on time.

As many of us are in this world, many the chances of getting something done in a different way. This is a principle that first got me into specializing in this area. I do have my method in organizing things to make my life and tasks easier to follow up and it has always been helpful for me.

I remember back when I was starting high school, my normal chores changed, as the ones I had in elementary school. I had to do homework (a lot) for very different subjects, study, plus help at home, washing dishes, or keeping my room clean.  I remember I started doing lists, literally for everything I had to do, this really helped me get everything done in time, plus whenever I finished a task I would cross it with a line. That act of crossing was very satisfactory, as I finished something that was in the list. I never thought this would be some kind of organization, but now I see it more clearly.

So, when my boyfriend asked me the first time to help him get organized, the first thing that got into my mind was, ok let’s do a list of everything that you have to do, start doing it and cross mark everything that gets done. It was easy as pie for me, because I had nearly 7 years doing it. But, for him was complex and very frustrating.

The same thing happened when my sister asked how do you get so much done on time, well, my lists came up, but she used to say that lists didn’t work for her, and I was not able to realize why.

Which leads me to my first opening eye statement. “Not everything that works for you will work for others”. In small talk, you have to be empathic with everyone else. When I talk about being empathic is try to put yourself in their place, and be aware that we are all different people and have different needs.

So, I am still in the path of research in what might generally help others to get things done and their lives organized, based in their needs and life styles, but still I need to get focused on my first learning and do not get lost by all the information I found. As soon as I have an update I will post it to keep track of my findings.


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