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I am a Shopaholic: Letting People Know

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The first step for a person who wants to rehab from CBD (Compulsive Buying Disorder), is to admit he or she has a problem. I already completed this step and it’s explained on my first blog of this personal development series (In case you want to read the complete drama). But, after admitting it to yourself, which are the next steps you have to take?

Well, while doing my internet research I found myself with several articles which give you steps to follow in order to recover. But, I wanted to adapt them to my experience and put them in practice one by one.

Today I will be talking about my big step number two, which is called “Letting People Know you have a Problem”. Even though I mentioned in my last blog that I have some family members which already suspected of my unhealthy buying habits, I would be all in denial state.

Now that I was not a denial lady, the first person I knew I had to go to was my hubby. He is the one who has been supporting me a lot these past few years (along with my wonderful sisters!), and he is the most special person for me. Oh boy this was hard!!, I think this part was hardest than admitting it to myself. I spent all that day, prior talking to him, planning how would I say it; and even when I was talking with him I got speechless for a couple of minutes. Words simply did not come off that simple, but at last they did.

Obviously he already knew about the issue and recognized not being my spy eye lately in what I’ve been purchasing. But, he was very calmed and said he would certainly help me recover from this once and for all (And when he commits like this, let me just tell you he gets things done). I think this point was crucial for my motivation in continuing with this, all I was expecting was preaching, but in some way I think he knew that would not take us both anywhere. So, I absolutely have to thank him for that.

Days after, I had a chance to talk with my sister about this, she was really happy that I wanted to recover from my CBD, and she also said she would help me avoid buying pretty stuff that I don’t need.

So, my suggestion for this second step would be, talk to someone you have confidence in, it can be a friend or a family member who understands you. I think I am really lucky to have people around me who love me and care about me, and are in their best disposition to help me. And in certain way when you talk with someone else it helps you feel better, because you get all that burden of your shoulders. I know I felt better after talking. And it really motivated me to keep on track and follow the next steps.

Be pending for my new blog which will come pretty soon and is about the third step in CBD rehab.


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