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Happy Monday! Here I am today writing a small parenthesis about the CBD behavior I’m working on getting over…So, the weekend just passed by, my first weekend after admitting I have a problem and with no money to be able to spend in things that are not in a list and are not completely necessary for my substantial living. The matter was I had to go to Ross and return some pants that did not fit my hubby (He’s losing weight so fast..Way to go baby!!…but that’s another story).

Anyways, going to Ross stores is one of my huge problems; for me is like a warehouse full of goodies that are pretty, inexpensive, and I don’t need right now, because my closet is full. I had to take one of my debit cards with me because their policy implies they will return your money back in the way you paid originally, which was using the card.

After, returning the item I went to look out for my mom and dad because all the family came along (we were running errands)…and that’s when my nightmare started..I saw the cutest belt and scarf, at this great price, “gosh I wanted all”…..when my sister looked at me, she said “No, you don’t need it” and saw my puppy face every time I want something. She said “let’s take you out of here”..And so we did.

Believe it or not, that episode left a bad feeling inside of me, I don’t know why, but after leaving the store, I started feeling anxious, I wanted to buy something. The rest of the trip I just felt I wanted to buy something..Well I did get some things..Batteries for my remote control and a couple of socks which were in the list…But, nothing else.

I know I should feel good about myself because even having the card with me, I did not spend a penny which was not for something that was in the list. But, after I got home I really felt tired, and depressed, because I did not buy what I wanted to. “And I was still thinking about that belt”….maybe is not the belt issue, maybe I just wanted something new…and if you don’t think I’m crazy; I think I am, because I cannot believe how carried away I used to get in the past, when I wanted something new so badly.

Gladly, at the end of the day, and after reviewing my bank account I actually felt good about myself, I did necessary purchases, and did not leave my account in zero’s which I think is a good thing. Even though I am still recovering, is good not to see a zero balance. And if I keep this up I might end up having nice savings for my next vacations.

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