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I am a Shopaholic: Action Plan

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After talking about steps one and two in my previous posts, today I will be going through the step that followed in my CBD (Compulsive Buying Disorder) rehab. The third step is to take action and do something about your problem. Here, I will be talking about what I did and has been working fine for me, but I will also add some steps I found all over the internet which I think are worth talking about and taking into consideration while working on this.

The first thing my hubby told me after I confessed was “Let’s check out your bank accounts” I wanted everything but this. Why? Because it would show all my sneaky purchases I did, and actually let’s get honest “I was ashamed of them”

But, I would really recommend taking this step, you won’t be able to visualize how huge is your problem if you don’t see it in reality, you can tear up your tickets or ignore the expenses that hit your account, but they are there and they won’t go until you do something about it. So, be brave and dig into your bank accounts.

After reviewing my accounts, the next step came “Identify where you spent more money” for this we narrowed the list to the stores in which I had the highest expenses, the result for this was that my big expenses go to buying clothes and makeup for myself. Due to this, for the next couple of months I am banned from buying at Forever 21, Ross, Target, Sephora and Ulta, things that I do not need or are not in my necessities list.

The next step was “Taking all my Debit Cards out of my wallet” now I am only allowed to carry some money in it, but not much, only for emergencies. I can only carry one card when I am going to do payments or need to get cash from the ATM; that is all. Is hard because I was used to only signing without taking care about watching out my expenses, but perhaps this makes me more aware of what I’m are buying.

Additional to this, I also used to receive a lot of e-mails from different stores and sites I got signed up into, so I got unsubscribed from all of them, the reality is that watching all those adds make me want to buy even more. So I took the temptation away from me. It may work getting unsubscribed or just receiving some mails every month, not on a daily basis”

Another quick tip is “making a shopping list every time you are going out” and try to take enough money only for those expenses. This trick really does work. If you see something you like do not throw it into the cart. Do your shopping and go home, if you are still thinking about the item and really want it, Google it, there is a chance you might get it for a better price elsewhere, if you don’t, and you still want it after a couple of days, add it to your next shopping list (there will also be a chance you’ll get it on sale). Or there might be a possibility that you will forget about the item, which would mean that you didn’t need it. I think this is my lowest strength and believe me I’m working on it. Whenever we need something my hubby says lets do more research, and I just want to avoid that and take the thing home, but is really helpful, thanks to investigating we have gotten very good deals in expensive things.

Now, I am not saying stop splurging sometimes, and becoming an incredibly stingy person, but believe me that sometimes “there are splurges that are not even worth it, because you can find dupes” for some products, specially when I talk about makeup, there are a lot of brands out there, which have almost the same quality or even better and are very affordable, you only have to invest some time researching.

As you now might have spare time that you are won’t be using in shopping and also will start saving money; I would suggest investing your time in other activities, do sports, write, listen music, something that takes you to a Zen state. For instance, in my case I am going to spinning classes which really give me a lot of plus points: I get active, get rid of stress, have fun, I am losing weight and I am getting in shape (In case I have to run someday from a horde of rhinos). Additional to this I am writing and posting which I love to do. So, “Find an activity that replaces your shopping hobby” (Because shopping should not be a hobby for anyone).

The last tip I have and read it in several articles was “Get professional help”. What can I say? In my case I am trying to save money and I cannot afford it, so, I have the determination of ending it myself, if I did started it why am I not going to be able to get over it. But, if you think this is really serious for you and are in the disposition of going to a professional go ahead and do it. We are very different in all aspects of our lives, and what helps me it might not help others. So if you can go for it, everything that can help you become a better person.

To summarize all these steps, I currently have been relating shopping to eating junk food, the more you have it the more you crave it. So it is very important to say I am stopping here and cut the cycle, because there is always time to start being a better person and the sooner the better, because you start living and experiencing a world that you never imagined, I think in someway I have started taking value of all the things I forgot to. Friends matter, Family matters and they will always be there, but material things won’t. Or still I haven’t found Prada shoes that tell you I love you, but with technology moving so fast you may never know.

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