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Feeling the Blues

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I think it started yesterday, like a need my heart had, of loving and feeling loved. It was like a strange ache in my soul, from those I don’t get much often, but are like small warnings that something’s not right in my life and I need to do changes. There are a lot of times when we forget about doing this, life goes by so fast, job after job, responsibilities come and go, but feelings stay.

Depression invaded my soul and embellished my thoughts in a deep sea of regrets, why haven’t I done this? Why am I still here waiting without acting? Why have I closed my emotions to everyone and especially to myself? What a hell am I thinking? or at least Am I thinking?…I know there is only one solution to take for this, but I still don’t know if I have the commitment to do it because I know I will gain so much but at the same time I will lose too.


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