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Well, today is Thursday and what better day to update about my CBD (Compulsive Buying Disorder) than today. After Easter weekend has passed along my way; a weekend full of sales and gorgeous things to buy… I think I resisted it and I feel little proud of my self.

But, at the same time I realized that I still have humongous desires and cravings for buying things I do not need in my life, and the only reason why I haven’t bought any of them is because I did not have my cards with me and only had limited amount of money for real needs. I still get a little depressed because I cannot spend money as I used to.

Also, this makes me aware that I tend to still be uncontrolled for my shopping behavior and that if I can’t buy something I like (specially if I don’t need it) I get upset about it. Furthermore, I discovered that I tend to get bored because I do not spend more time shopping as I used to. I do have some hobbies like spinning classes and writing, but I don’t do this all the time. So I need to find more hobbies in where to invest my time and save money. Up until today, I am still doing research in other things I could probably do to invest all those spare energies.


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