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Beauty is Not Only a Job, it's an Adventure

For the New Generation and Myself

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There are many times in our lives where we wonder why we are here. What is the purpose of our existence in this planet and in this road? I am here today remembering most of the things I have come through in my life and it’s not that I have the answers for everything, but at least I can say that almost 27 years of living here have taught me something. What to do and what never repeat again.

This is kind of my tale for the next generations and also some kind of remembrance of what I have learned here.  First of all, we all make mistakes; I learned that today and I learn it every single day that I spend here. Why? Well because we are not perfect and because I think sometimes we just shut ourselves in this little world without thinking about others or how our actions may affect everyone that is around us. We tend to get kind of egocentric about us that we stop thinking about others and sometimes cause pain. But, we can also fix things, our beautiful nature as human beings allows us to change the bad things we do, especially when we did not meant to do harm.

Second of all, every day is about taking decisions, since we wake up and this is all you all might know, but most important of all, our decisions as well affect others. And something I’ve learned and it took me testing 3 different undergraduate degrees to understand, is that your decisions can take you to the most different and weird places you might have ever been. Do trust your heart, but always use your head, because sometimes your heart gets wasted with so many feelings; especially when you are a teenage learning to grow up and are battling in a jungle.

Next, now that I talked a little bit about undergraduate degrees, yes incredibly took me 3 shots to take the correct path in my life, and still I do think I have so much more that I need to learn to accomplish many goals I have. But nevertheless, talking about degrees, it takes skills and again a good decision to choose your path. I still remember when graduating from High School and not being 100% sure of what I wanted to study, but nonetheless I started in that tumultuous road we call University. Well today I can say I wrapped that story in my life; and my life has started seeing some seeds growing. But the truth is, that it cost so much, indeed I had the most grateful and rewarding experience I could and I can say it is mine, but I did had to sacrifice many things. I am not regretful of what I did, and even though sometimes I wish I could have done some things in a different way I think it went ok.

So new generations, try to remember this while you walk in the road:

  1. Laugh sometimes helps you bring brilliant to your life, especially when you laugh of you.
  2. Relax, if you worked hard, things will come your way.
  3. Being professional includes more than having a paper that proves it, it also has to be with your values as a person; so whenever someone needs help give them a hand.
  4. We are human and we are different, so don’t expect all people will think the same way as you, or will act the same way.
  5. Rewards come to those who work hard for their goals, some come a little later but they do come, just don’t get obsessed to get them, be patient.
  6. Take your time whenever you need to take a decision, especially if it involves yourself and several years of doing something you might regret later.


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