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Working at Home

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I remember wondering in my mind some time ago, how cool it would be if I could work from home. Not having the obligation of waking up at early hours, having breakfast in a quiet and relaxed environment, taking the time to do my work, and lots of other things. Well, after suffering a foot accident my “dream” came true. At first I won’t deny I was all excited that I could experience this, but let me tell you that it has been a big challenge.

I received 4 weeks off in order for my foot to heal, I can walk but with a huge splint which makes me look like RoboCop, anyways, the first week passed with me just trying to rest and take time to relax, which I think was good because I was in the need for vacations since a long time. Now, the second week is when the interesting started, I got a laptop from work and I could start getting updated with all my delayed work from the week I relaxed.

My first discovery was that the first couple of days work went ok and kind of smoothly as I was trying to catch up. But then it was awful, I really give big Kudos to all people who adore and are capable of completing their work from home. I don’t know why, but for me it became kind of hard in a way that I started to get behind again. I started feeling in a way isolated and needing the part of work that helps you survive. I felt the need of networking with my co-workers even though I was able to communicate with them by the IM it is really not the same. Also, it was harder for me to concentrate because I had more distractions that I do when I am in the office.

Well now I am in the ending of week two and before starting week 3, which I don’t want it to be a big fiasco, I wanted to investigate a little bit about how to avoid getting all this mixture of feelings and get from working at home a productive and pleasant experience, which will change my mind.

So I have decided to gather around a few tips which I think will help me to overcome these last two weeks:

  1. Get a space especially for your work. During these weeks I’ve been changing places a lot, or I was too comfy or none at all, you need to find a place where you are comfortable enough to do your work, but not that comfy that you can sleep in it. For instance, I have established in a desk that I have and created a mini office so that I can simulate I am working at the office, which in a way works for me. Also, surround yourself or things that help you work, for instance you might love to work with music or with plants around you, try to make that place a pleasant place for you to be productive.
  1. Organize your time. It is very important that you structure the time you will be using for working and the time you will be using for running errands or doing your housework, this is because, I’ve learned these weeks that if you try doing all at the same time, something will go wrong and you might end up doing other things rather than completing your work as you should. In my case I work better in the mornings so I will start by waking up earlier and head up to the work of course not forgetting breakfast and getting ready as if I was going to the office, working in pajamas does not work for me as it makes me sleepy, plus I save that for the weekends.
  1. Set your Goals. For me it works having a calendar and an agenda next to me with the goals I need to accomplish that day, if I don’t have goals and objectives to accomplish that day I feel lost in track and it is hard for me to know what I have to do. If you are using an agenda it is better if you plan your goals a day before, for instance, you can do it before ending your work that day by updating your agenda for the next day, it is most likely that you will have fresh ideas of what you will need to accomplish the next day as you already worked that day and when you arrive the next day you will start being productive.
  1. Turn Off the TV. Really if you want to accomplish some productivity and have a successful day do not turn on your TV, for me is like the worst think I could do, if I watch TV before starting my work I feel like cells in my brain die and I’m lost for the rest of that day.
  1. Networking is good for you. If you start feeling isolated and depressed, it is time to socialize with friends or family. Remember that even if you are working from home you do have the right to socialize. So to avoid those feelings you can schedule lunch or dinner with friends. You can do this once or twice a week so that you can feed that part in your life, don’t see it as you only have to work, we can’t be hermits.

I will write an update after a couple of days to see how they’ve worked. Also,there are several other tips in the internet that might help you be successful at home working.


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