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A Meaningful Gift

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Now that the holidays are around the corner, I was starting to think what I could give to my friends for Christmas presents. I digress…I am still thinking what I am going to give them.

But in the meantime of thinking, a couple of days ago I went to visit a friend; when we were almost leaving her home she said to us, let me give you your Christmas Present.

While she was giving us this cute little bag she said “These are my best wishes for you”  The idea is that the bag contains these comfort words and have little objects that relates to the same.

I have taken pictures of the gift, and I just want to give big thanks to my friend who I will call O, because she reminded me that you don’t have to frenetically spend tons of money in a gift, you just have to be creative and put all your heart on it.

Note: The titles are in Spanish but I translated them as well..

She wishes for us to have:

Amor = Love

Paz = Peace

Dinero = Money

Salud = Health

Seguridad = Security

Calor = Warmth

Fe en Dios = Faith in God

Comida = Food


One thought on “A Meaningful Gift

  1. hello happy new year to yous all
    alf beilin

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