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Losing Weight: A compromise for myself


All my life I’ve been a girl who has had problems finding the perfect size of jeans/pants. All my life I’ve been a girl who has suffered cravings from sweets and heavy dinners at night. I’ve grown up to be a woman that has a love-hate relationship with food.

As I read this lines it makes me want to cry, because I cannot believe that I have left food govern my life for such long time. I don’t want this to be just a new year’s resolution. I want to change for lifetime. I want to enjoy my life and be able to love exercise.

The truth is that since I was in elementary school I never liked gym class, in fact I hated it. I grew up to be a person who does not love exercising and that if I can I will avoid it. But, being sincere with me right now, I realize that is not too late for start loving exercise and eating healthy food. Let’s be realistic every time I eat badly (junk food) I feel tired and I don’t want to do anything. But when I eat healthy I have lots of energy and I am able to do lots of stuff. Eating junk food makes my hands smell like grease…really! On the other side eating healthy makes me smell better jeje…

I remember when I was in college and at some point I started taking swimming lessons the truth is that I enjoyed that sport, in fact it was the first sport I was able to do that y loved. Anyways, by certain circumstances I had to drop it, but still I know that I need some movement in my life, so I started doing yoga and at another part of my life spinning. In that process I passed thru several dietitians, diets and anything you could imagine.

I actually realized that only few changes in my life will do so, and will take me to my goal. My hubby and I bought an elliptical machine last year and the truth is that after the spinning classes we took, we enjoy using it. So I started working out with it and started to eat a little better making some adjustments to my overall diet.

The other day we were talking and he told me “you are not going to accomplish your goal and get to your desired weight if you don’t make it S.M.A.R.T”. I did not want to face it but he was right. (I am linking his post about this subject in how to make a goal the S.M.A.R.T. way) The truth is that I hate making SMART goals because I hate compromising, maybe I’m scared of failure but I need to try or else I will not get it done ever. The first thing he told me I had to do is compromise myself.  If you don’t compromise you will get nowhere and everything will be a waste of time. But, what do you do to compromise? Well for me was writing so I am doing this compromise in words, I want to be fit I want to be healthy and I want to love exercise and eat healthy. Watching it this way, it’s not so hard and it’s fun actually. Yesterday I did my S.M.A.R.T. goal and this is how it will be:

S = I want to drop 22 Kg which is around 48.4lbs I want to do this because I want to look and feel good about myself I don’t want to struggle in buying clothing and look hot in pictures ^_^. Also I come from a family where diabetes and hear t diseases are right around the corner so I want to avoid them.

M = I will have to track my weight each week

A=My goal will be when I get to 60 Kg which is around 132 lbs.

R = I have to be realistic so I want to drop around 500Gr (1.1 lbs.) to 1 Kg (2.2 lbs.)Per week

T = To get to my goal this will take me around 44 weeks, yeah you read it correctly!

My work out will be 3 days per week on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s 40 min each day and will consist in Cardio and several exercises I managed to gather from magazines. Also, I will not make humongous changes but, I will increase the intake of fruits, vegetables and will try to avoid refined sugars and bread. Furthermore, I will eat more fish, tuna, chicken and less red meat. And, something very important I will reduce the intake of Soda, believe me water is better.


S.M.A.R.T. Goals


2 thoughts on “Losing Weight: A compromise for myself

  1. Great post. I love the SMART Goals. I like how straight and to the point they are. You’ve got a great start!

    • Thank you! I wanted to do it that way because in past years that was always my resolution, but i didn’t seem to get it complete, maybe it was because I never was that specific. I think this will work out!!

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