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A fresh start: Healthy Breakfast

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For years, my mom and all the dietitians I have visited have told me “breakfast is the most important meal of the day, don’t skip it”. But, in reality for me is very struggling to have breakfast each day. I don’t know why but I can’t seem to have the urge for breakfast as I do for lunch or dinner.

Anyways, I am posting this healthy recipe I did today as I am finding new ways of avoid skipping eating at early hours. This recipe is healthy and will maintain you full until lunch, if you get hungry before your lunch you can have a glass of tomato juice or a jell-O which is normally what I would take. Today I felt daring so I have packed a Clif granola bar if I get hungry before my lunch (I noticed my package includes two granola bars, so I would only eat one and save the other).

Oatmeal-Cinnamon-Apple Shake

For this time of the year you might not want a shake but it’s really yummy

You will need:

–          1 small apple shopped in cubes

–          Cinnamon

–          3 tbsp. of instant oatmeal (You can use flavored)

–          Milk

–          A Blender

Combine all the ingredients in the blender; for the cinnamon you can add the necessary amount and for the shopped apple you can take out the skin or leave it if you wish. For my shake I have used apple flavored oatmeal that was sugared with splenda, but you can add any other type of sugar if you wish.


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