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How to organize your makeup

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Is organization part of your life? Is organization NOT part of your life? Either way, if you are a girl and have makeup I think you would find this post interesting. As I have noticed, organization for me is a great part to relieve my stress. I Love organizing things and keeping them in certain order.

I love it so much that a couple of months ago, I decided to do something to put in place my makeup. The truth is, that while I was a shopaholic I bought makeup, let’s say…to sustain me for years…but, that is another story.

As a result, I decided to have order; and also be aware of what I have available and avoid unnecessary purchases. I used this method to do the job and I hope this can be helpful for you.

Beware, in order for me to start organizing my makeup I did have to invest a little, but before you go running to Office Depot or Staples, if you have similar tools to do the same, go ahead and try not to spare money. For this project I had to buy a Mobile Organizer and some plastic trays. But, believe me when I say it truly paid off.

The first thing I had to do was make an inventory of what I had and what I needed to store. For this I made a list. You can do this in order to give yourself an idea of what kind of storage you will need.

  1. Concealers X
  2. Foundations X
  3. Blushes X
  4. Eye shadows X
  5. Eyeliners X
  6. Makeup Bags X

Note: When I did this list I also added how much I had of each product in order to know what to buy.

After this, I already had an idea of what I needed and started looking for storage (Sizes, quantity, etc.) I used to own this plastic small organizer with drawers but, it was not enough, so I had to aim higher; but if you are a good girl you can do just fine with these.

They come in a great selection of colors and are very durable. You can pick these at Walmart or Target they are even on sale sometimes. For my storage I ended up getting a mobile organizer at Office Depot, I love it because it has wheels and it can fit my makeup and my makeup tools, I even have space for my makeup bags.

Then I bought several plastic trays from Walmart, they come in different sizes and in packs of 2 or 3. These are around 1 to 3 dollars depending on the size. Again, if you do not have that big amount of makeup you can add some trays to your small drawer organizer and fit them perfectly.

Weeks after, I was wondering if I could get a brush holder; the truth is that some of them are kind of expensive, so I thought of this, I went to walmart and bought some crystal vases from the crafts section and I got ribbon and beads, then I decorated the vases with the ribbon; and emptied the beads package in them; I was able to fit my brushes perfectly, also I was able to do extra ones for my mom  and my sisters as a gift.

So, that was my journey in organizing my makeup, I hope this comes handy and helps you to get your makeup on hands. I have added pictures below of my drawer.

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