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Lessons from my Mom: Learning to Love my Sisters


Growing up in my family was a very singular experience. I remember my first growing years as a girl who was pampered a lot (and how wouldn’t I was the first child). But, at three years old something that no one explained to me happened. I had a new sister. So this new little human came to my place and I suddenly felt thrown away.

In my mind I kept thinking why would my mommy want an additional child if she had me? What had happened? In hindsight, the truth is that a couple of years ago parents did not use to explain to their kids when another child was expected; or at least not in my family.

It was like “poof” by art of magic you have a sibling now and you have to make space and share everything. I was not mentally prepared for that, and how would I? I was just a toddler.

Anyways, that started my struggle, I did not want to separate any inch from my mom; maybe her next step would be giving me away to some nuns… Dramatic right? Yeah I was a drama girl…so in addition to that, I remember growing up and teasing my little sister all I ever could, because I didn’t like her, once I even bit her in the nose, which ended up in she biting my cheekbone jaja..

But, the lesson here was that every time we used to get into a fight my mom said these wise words: Now hug your sister and say you’re sorry; your sister will be your best friend when you grow up” and right after those words, she would always start talking how she was friends with her sisters, and how could she not?, she had 15 siblings total and there was obviously no favorite one; for my grandmas eyes they were all the same.

In retrospective, that makes me try to understand maybe why my mom never explained to me I was having a new sister, because they never told her. Nonetheless, we grew up believing in my mom’s words and six years later another sister came to our lives and filled us with more happy memories which keep growing as the time passes by.

I think that thru all these years we have learned to bond in very unique and special ways and I thank mom very much because she was right, those two girls are my best friends and they will always be no matter how far apart we get.


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