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My discovery to a new life

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So yesterday I was doing my usual You Tube visit; I must admit I am a big fan of this site, I get amazed of all the things you can see and learn, but specially, my guilty pleasure are beauty related videos. Anyways, while making a research I came with a video which in some way inspired me a lot in my life and made me think that most of the times I hold myself back from doing things.

This video was posted by this kid named Ben Breedlove, and he in a unique kind of way talked about his life. He used index cards to tell his story and his lifetime struggle with a heart disease. The content of this video is highly empowering; he talks about all the surgeries he went through and how he almost died in each of them, but specifically he focuses in his last one and how he felt while being “gone” in that period of time.

What his experience brought to me, was that most of the times I get so frustrated for little things and stop living, and how I sometimes don’t do certain things or it’s hard for me to take a decision, because I care too much of what others will say or think about me. Honestly I know I should not care, but it’s hard for me, really hard!

Furthermore, he also thought me about doing what you love, what you are passionate about; he was a boy who was passionate with life and he did not hold back. We all have dreams, dreams that want them to be true and sometimes we might not get the support we need, even from our loved ones, but if you really want this dream to come true, you have to stick to it and fight until it comes true.

I know this phrase might sound common but it’s true: Live your life as it would be your last day. If you knew for sure that this was your last day on earth…Would you call your parents? Would you say sorry to someone you might hurt in the past? Would you say your loved ones how much you loved them? Or would you keep complaining on how everyone is unfair to you and things don’t work as you want to.

Life is about learning, is about acquiring experience each day; but it’s also about having fun, enjoying, and understanding that as human beings we need to give love and have the right to receive it. Maybe I’m just paraphrasing a lot, but at the end of it that is all we are taking with us, nothing else.

On his video he said that while he was “gone” he looked himself in front of a mirror, he could see his image and in that point he felt proud of himself, of what he had accomplished while living. Well, when I die I sure want to get that feeling, so this encourages me even more to keep fighting for my dreams and never give up, even if people around me say I cannot accomplish them.

Sadly, Ben passed away because of his heart condition just recently. Rest in Peace Ben and even I did not have the pleasure of meeting you in person, thank you for reminding me how beautiful life is and how thankful I am to be here writing these words. If you get the chance I would recommend you seeing this video is very powerful and in certain way a wake up call for all of us who have been slept for a while.


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