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Losing Weight: Week 1 Update

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Ok, so here is my update for the first week of my losing weight goal I have proposed for this year. So I weighted myself on Saturday and go figure I increased my weight 200 Grs which is around 0.44 Lbs. I understand this small increasing in my weight because the truth is that I was enjoying my winter vacations and was overeating due to the holiday’s delicious food that I did not resist.

However, I do not feel guilty at all because I accomplished my exercise routine all week; I must admit that the second day was quite difficult for me to get into that elliptical machine and my hubby had to push me  (which I am grateful he did).

This situation made me realize something; it’s very important to have someone beside you to support you and push you when you don’t want to behave with your food or exercise. I know there will be days when you will not want to accomplish your goals, but, if you have someone, especially in the beginning when you might tend to get weak it will be very helpful.

Why would you want to be around people who don’t support you in your goals and don’t understand that you are doing this for your own good? So it is important to get surrounded of people who support you and cheers you when you most need it. Of course, that mainly this kind of motivation should come from our inner selves but, I don’t think that a little help in the beginning is bad for me or for anyone else.

Also, I noticed that I might have been losing sizes in my clothes. I have been using some sweaters that used to be very tight on me and now they fit normal; my greatest accomplish this month was, that I was able to wear a sweater size Small and it seems to fit well (I think to myself that maybe the tag on the size is wrong jaja) because I never imagined myself in a sweater of this size.

I know that this week I have to adjust my routine again, I’ve started working again so my eating schedule will be changing again, my nutritionist used to tell me, “No matter what you have to eat 3 times a day at least and at the same hours, you cannot leave your stomach empty for more than 6 hours, and you have to sleep well if you want to lose weight”. So I have to incorporate that again. I also can have 2 snacks per day if I need to in between those meals. For instance, my first snack for today was a V8 juice, this because I am still adjusting. Anyways, I will keep track and updating my goal for the next couple of weeks I know I have to work harder and I really am aiming to get rid of that weight that keeps me slow.


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