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A Dish from Generations: Tuna Cake

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A day before our New Year’s Eve celebration we were thinking about what dishes we would be preparing for our dinner. We still had a lot of leftovers from the Christmas dinner so I really did not want to cook anything fancy. Also, we just moved and we do not have a stove yet (yep that is true!).

Anyways, that day we went shopping for some extra groceries we needed, while we were in the dairy section mostly near to the registers my hubby looked at me with these big wide eyes and screamed “Tuna Cake!! We forgot about the Tuna Cake” I just couldn’t believe we almost forgot about it.

To be more explicit about what the Tuna Cake experience means; this goes back to around 6 years ago for me and more than a lifetime for my hubby. Her grandmother, used to do this dish whenever they had special occasions, but mostly in the holiday seasons. I remember 6 years ago when I went to their house to visit and they offered me tuna cake. At that time, whenever I used to think about cake I thought that it would be something sweet and baked. But “no” Tuna Cake was all the opposite of that it was cold and obviously not sweet.

But it was the most delicious thing my mouth had ever tasted, I did like tuna but I’ve never tried it like that before, it was like an epiphany of fish.  

A couple of years have gone by since my hubby’s grandma passed away, but it seems like her dish stayed with us. We prepare this dish in the holidays, I can remember now how all around 2011 I asked if we could make tuna cake and my hubby used to say “no, this is a holiday dish” and how could we almost forgot about it jaja.

I am pretty glad he remembered because this brought to our lives the remembrance that grandmas will always be loved and how wonderful their cooking skills were.

So, if you want to make Tuna Cake for a special occasion or just for a Sunday lunch, here is the recipe:

–       1 Philadelphia Cream Cheese Bar

–       1 Can of Half Cream

–       3 Tbsp. of Mayonnaise

–       2 Cans of Drained Tuna (We used water based)

–       1 Loaf of white bread

–       1 Can of Jalapenos (Hot peppers) *Optional

Cut the ends of the entire Loaf of white bread you will only be using the white part of the bread.

In a blender add The Philadelphia, the half cream, mayonnaise and the tuna, blend until you have all the ingredients uniform and have something similar to a paste.

In a Pyrex add a little bit of the blended mix until you have an uniform layer, then add 1 layer of the bread, next add the mix and next add jalapenos, and go on the same way until you get into the top.

Refrigerate for about 1 hour and enjoy!



One thought on “A Dish from Generations: Tuna Cake

  1. mm… tuna cake… delicious 😉

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