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Why New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work?

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Yesterday and today I’ve been hearing about all the resolutions people have for this coming year, losing weight, travel more, get to work in time, and many others. But, I also heard from a study made that only 1 between 4 of these people will accomplish his/her resolutions.

You could think these are very pessimistic news, but on contraire my friend let me tell you that there is hope between those statements, but it requires work and patience. When someone normally does these kinds of resolutions which are after eating a humongous dinner and having several glasses of wine or any liquor of your choice, they are not truly making a commitment.

They are in fact stating things they would want to accomplish, but are not establishing parameters in how they will get to their goal. Saying I want to lose weight and be thin is not something clear. In fact is just an ambiguous statement that does not represent commitment.

My hubby and I were talking about that, and we agreed in the fact that in order to accomplish a resolution you have to make it into a goal, in some kind of way the resolution is like a dream something ethereal that is not yet serious. But, when you write it down, divide it, track it, and set an established Goal is more likeable that you will accomplish the same.

In past years I used to say I wanted to lose weight and it never happened or it only happened partially; and now I get why “Faith without work is dead”. You need to commit and work if you want these goals to be true; not only for New Year’s resolutions, but for every single thing that you want to do in life.

So, if you want to be the 1 between the 4 people who will accomplish their goals this year, work on it… don’t let it be only as something you said and that you will forget in a month or for the worst case in a week. Commit to it and keep track of your advance on a weekly basis, you need to see if you are improving or if changes need to be done, and lastly reward yourself; sometimes a little prize helps you keep moving forward.


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