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Project Pan 2012

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As a pro cost savings girl, I’ve been trying to find new ways to save cash I used to spend in beauty stuff. After blogging about the stuff I have and I organized my makeup I remembered that I have a lot of makeup and I need to use it all up, because as painful as this sounds it expires. How am I supposed to keep buying makeup and stocking it if it will perish after a while?

As a result, I will be doing a Project Pan, I desperately need to do it, also I think this way it will keep me busy and I will start enjoying products again. So, if you’ve never heard what Project Pan is, it’s a list of a couple of objects you want to finish or hit pan, in my case I will be doing a list of makeup items that I will use until I hit pan. What makes this interesting is that while you are doing this project you are not allowed to buy anything else for that category. For instance, let’s say that you have mascara and you see a new one that you want to try out badly, but you are in project pan, well you cannot buy it until you finished the tube you have.

It might some obvious for some people, but the truth is that for girls who were shopaholic of makeup as I was, it is hard to contain yourself from buying that new mascara; but thinking it straight that is the way that it should be, why buy a new tube of concealer if you already have one that you are using. Don’t misunderstand me, I do understand that for some skin types the products you use in winter will not work over the summer, but still you don’t need 5 tubes of mascara if you are not a makeup artist or do that for a living.

Anyhow, I’ve been working on my list and will have it near me at my makeup station as a reminder, and will be updating about my status. I have around 18 products total. Also I have attached pictures of the products that are entering my project and the list I made so that you can see when I hit pan. I think this is quite exciting and helps you fall in love again with things you’ve purchased some time ago.


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