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Losing Weight: Week 3 Update

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Week three has gone by so fast, but at the same time it was exhausting; starting with the fact that i had my period and it was the worst I had in a long time. A little background here, I am a girl who has struggled with very painful periods in the past. I remember being the girl who used to miss school because of awful cramps.

However, I don’t anymore only once in a while I get what I call my heavy month in which I get cramps and go through all the PMS I could get. So this week I struggled with pain, exhaustion, and me ending eating several carbs, like if I was not seeing the next day for eating more.  In some kind of way I forgot I was on a regimen.

The time of truth came on Saturday when I had to weight myself; I didn’t do my complete exercise routines either, missing one day of the week, so I was really not optimistic about what my scale would show.

My intuition was right; I gained 800 grams which is around 1.7 pounds. I felt very disappointed because there is no way I want to go back, but still how could I expect my weight going down if I didn’t do my best?

Then these words came to me: Never surrender, I didn’t have the expected results, but a lot of people surrenders at this point (I know it because several of my coworkers have surrendered at this point with their resolutions). I won’t be scared and I don’t want to get back to that weight that made me feel tired. Small change leads to bit change, but vague or undefined goals make it hard to change it all.

This makes me think that I need to reread my S.M.A.R.T. goals and I need to focus more on my eating choices. Also, for god’s sake I need to stop being weak whenever someone at the office offers me a delicious piece of cake, taking small steps each day is how I will conquer this goal.


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