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Losing Weight: Week 4 Update

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As time passes by, I noticed that I am beginning to know my body in better ways. I know I have a rough journey ahead of me, but still I know my determination in losing weight for good will help me be a healthier person in the future.

So week four has passed by so slow, I don’t know why, but still I felt like each day the clock decided to stop for several minutes and began ticking again. However, I am here today to bring you my update in what losing weight concerns.

Good things happened this week; I went thru a weight of 83 Kg (182.6 Lbs.) to 81.5 Kg (179.3 Lbs.) losing a total of 1.5 Kg (3.3 Lbs.) Not bad!! I did increase the intake of liquids (aka water), and tried to do my best as in what food relates. Something bad was that I got the flu so I did not complete my exercise routines as I had to, but still I had some good results.

On Friday, I started thinking that I still fail a bit around my eating habits, as a result I have planned all my meals for this week and went grocery shopping around the same. I have planned my breakfast and dinner because I get my lunch at work (there’s a good thing we have a salad bar here).  

I have a theory:  I will mostly fall into temptation because I allow myself to have options and my free will always goes for junk food. Just to make myself clear I am not restraining myself that bad, because I am complementing the food in a way that it’s balanced and doesn’t make me starve at some point. But yet, fast food is out of my options.

So, whenever is time for breakfast or dinner I will have my schedule ready and will be aware of what I have to eat at that time. It might sound a little drastic for some people, but for me is an experiment that I want to try out this week; we’ll see how it goes. I really have high hopes because of my theory. Which reminds me that I’m feeling thirsty and I need a glass of water right now.


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