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How to Study for a Test

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I think I nailed it. After more than fifteen years in school and studying for tests I can say that I became a master in studying for different subjects. I am a girl who thru failures and great grades has learned to survive in terms of what school means, I went thru 3 different degrees, until I found what I like and went through different types of tests. Today I will be giving you the tips that helped me through my student years.

Big masses of information:

First, if you are currently swimming in the passionate field of law or any other degree which includes you digesting a lot of information, let me tell you my friend that you most have to love theory classes, specially remembering all that information. If you are studying for a test that includes big masses of data, first take a deep breath, and then try to divide all the information per chunks, in order for you to study all the information in different days.

Believe me that if you wait until the last day before your test you will be drowned in material. For your relief, many teachers will give you a calendar in advance including the dates of each test and the information that will be evaluated; this will help you get organized on time.

But, how do you divide the information given? Well, this is up to you and the information you can process thru each study session, remember to be realistic when taking this step; you don’t want to include more information than what your brain can handle per session. If you are a person who can only study straight for 1 hour, include the material you might learn in that hour and divide it in more sections. If you have no idea how long you can stay studying set up 30 minutes to 1 hour per start and move gradually. The less time you can spend studying, the more sessions you will have to have before your test arrives.

Each day you study new material, restudy the material you’ve learned previously, this will make your brain work and help you remember everything. Also, your brain will be so amazing that will help you play with the information in a way that you might remember it back and forward.

Now that you have your material divided how do you digest all this information? Well it depends on the study habits you have, but I have these:

  1. Have a special place for studying that is comfortable, but not that comfy to fall asleep.
  2. Have all your material aside, pencils, pencil sharpener, pens, notebooks, books, etc. this way you won’t have to get up if you need something.
  3. If it helps you can listen to music, I don’t like this in particular because I cannot concentrate.
  4. Make sure the space where you are studying is well lighted or else you will start falling asleep.
  5. If you don’t have a place to study or cannot create one, go to your nearest library.
  6. If it is hard for you to study alone, you can study with a classmate or join a study group, just make sure they are not crowded or else you will end up in a party or going to the movies forgetting all about the test.
  7. While studying read the material and make sure you understand it, if there is something you don’t understand make a note in a post it or a special paper and ask the teacher the next class.
  8. Try to synthesize and resume the information you already read and try making it into your own words this will give you a complete understand of what the information is trying to say to you.
  9. When you have done this you have the material to study, you can keep reading it and studying it which will be easier than reading the entire material again, and also you can carry those notes everywhere you go.

Reasoning Information:

Let’s say that you decided to incur in a spectacular engineer degree. This means, that you love numbers, calculations, programming, and anything that has to be with processing and reasoning information.

Well for you my friend I have this; a little background first, I used to study a degree from above and then changed into an engineer degree, let me tell you if you try to study like the above tips I gave you will flunk. Why? Well because for this type of degrees you need to understand but you cannot memorize, nothing is the same ever and if the answer is 1 for one problem in the other might be 0. So forget about forcing yourself into memorizing information.

Here you have to be sharp and most of all practice, practice, practice. There are a lot of people who were born with this ability, but there are others who don’t, but that doesn’t mean they can’t make it. It just means that they have to study a bit more. If you are in this case you can:

  1. Repeat steps 1 thru 5 from the above.
  2. Study with someone who does understand the material. (FYI That’s how I met my hubby)
  3. Practice the exercises done at class and the ones which are in the text book.
  4. If you cannot find someone who can help you, look for a tutor.
  5. Never give up, at first it might be hard but when you get the hang of it this will be easy.

What happens if you have a test that will include reasoning and theory? Well in this case you can apply the above and just have to adjust your studying time to incorporate both.

All in all, I hope this helps you exceeding your grades and I wish you success with your studying and your grades!!


One thought on “How to Study for a Test

  1. Very good tips for studying =D

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