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Losing Weight: Week 5 Update

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5th week has gone by since I started my goal for this year. Time is going back very fast; I cannot believe one month has gone by. I could say without being aware of it, but in a certain way I did. So to wrap up my first month end, I want to summarize what happened to me and things I have learned through my journey.

The first thing would be that I am still on board for losing weight, which gives me kudos because on past years, really! A week would pass and I forgot all about me losing weight. I thank this to making my S.M.A.R.T. goal since the beginning (Thanks babe!), whenever you have something that you want to accomplish you surely want to clarify how you will be achieving it or else you will be lost around the way.

I had a little breakdown, after having a marathon of fast food on week 2 that made me cut that type of meals which also reflected on week 3 where I had my period and did not complete my exercise routines at all.

After those weeks, I’ve started drinking more water and been trying control my sweet cravings incorporating more fruit into my diet, don’t get me wrong I have not cut cold turkey sweets, because I know that if I do that it will be even worse, ending on me eating an entire bag of candy (which happened to me on past days) so I am allowing myself one craving per week with the condition of behaving myself the entire week. Also, I’ve been eating more salads than ever, delicious veggies with my low fat dressing and even been adding croutons, because I cannot eat any type of bread, this is because bread bloats me like a balloon (Believe me the first week I cut bread I noticed it even in my digestion).

Everything started to change on week 4 when I tested myself by doing an experiment planning my meals; my hypothesis was right because when I weighed myself this last Saturday I lost 300 grams (0.66 pounds). It was quite easier for me to have breakfast and lunch because I had already my options settled; moreover I cut dairy all I could by starting drinking soy milk.

I am aware that I have not yet met my expectative of losing 500 grams per week (1.1 pounds), but still I have been seeing some improvements. I am not being conformist on my numbers because I know that I have been working hard to reach them. I just need to get to the point where I can make self-control my friend again. Also, this is my journey in learning how to be a healthier person, and this is something I am not quitting even when I reach my goal; because it will be a way of living for the rest of my life.


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