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Losing Weight: Week 6 Update

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This is my update for week 6, nothing much only to say that I felt a little of discouragement this week after weighting myself and noticing that I gained the 800 grams (1.76 pounds) I lost, positioning me in 82 Kg (180.77 pounds). I ask myself Why God Why?? But the truth is that I did eat pizza, cake, and soda and all the things I am not allowed to. So how was I supposed to lose weight at this rate?

Today I fell like meh -_- and have the little voice inside of me that encourages me in keep moving forward, I know I will end up listening to this voice because I will not drop my goal at any means. But still, I need to find ways in saying no to food that harms me and yes to delicious food that is good for my system.

So I’ll start this week by saying “Away with the bad stuff around me and welcome to all the good and healthy things” Besides, the number one thing that determines the outcome of your life is the habits or patterns you have. So hello good habits, because I want you to stay here forever!!


One thought on “Losing Weight: Week 6 Update

  1. You are right, Keep Moving Forward!! =D

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