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Losing Weight: Week 7 Update

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Another week has passed by since I started the goal of me losing some pounds and getting into my ideal weight. This week I kind of missed my exercise routines but still I tried to be healthy in my eating choices until weekend came by. On Saturday I weighed myself and I was in 81.5 Kg (179.67 pounds) which means that I dropped 500 grams from last week (1.10 pounds) this is good improvement, but still I know I need to hit 81 Kg which means I need to lose 500 grams (1.10 pounds) for the end of this week.

So how will I accomplish that? Well first of all breakfast, lunch and dinner will have to be healthy meals (zero junk food), drink lots of water, and exercise making my complete routine this week.

Will I make it? Yes I will.

Am I committed to it? Yes I am. ^_^


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