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Frugal Friday’s: Best Eyeliner Evaaaa!!


Welcome to a new post from Frugal Friday’s. Today I will be talking about an item that has been part of my eye makeup routine for the past couple of months. I remember my mom saying: “Once you start wearing eyeliner you will never give it up” She was darn right … Anyways today’s rivals are:

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in color Zero ($18.00 USD) and CoverGirl Liquiline Blast Eyeliner Pencil in color Black Fire ($9.49 USD).

A little background here would be that I am a girl with very oily lids, and when I say very this means as if I had swabbed my eyelids with cooking oil. So even if I use eye primer my eyeliners will fade by the mid of the day. I first bought the Urban Decay pencil promising 24/7 permanence in my lids and no fading at all. Before buying it I saw several reviews that claimed that this indeed worked and lasted all day. Well for me it didn’t, it actually seemed like if I was using common eyeliner with a high end brand on it. I don’t doubt that it works, but for me it really didn’t.

Then one day I was wandering around Wal-Mart’s hallways and I found the CoverGirl Liquiline Blast, when I saw it this product claimed: “Lasting, liquid-like intensity with a high-pigment formula and smudger included”. The truth was that I got caught up by the smudger and the liner did not seem that bad at all, so I purchased it.

OMG it is the best liner ever, I really loved it because it indeed stayed in place all day and the blender helped me fade my liner when I wanted to create Smokey looks.

Another plus for the CoverGirl is the durability of the product, my Urban Decay liner ran away so fast and the CoverGirl is like a magic pencil that won’t seem to have an end (and I use it every single day). I know the price of the CoverGirl is not that cheap, but for the price of the Urban Decay you can get two of the others and this brand is drugstore so mostly you can find offers where you buy one and get the second half price.

So I hope this comparison of products helped you, especially if you are a person with oily lids.


2 thoughts on “Frugal Friday’s: Best Eyeliner Evaaaa!!

  1. Thank you SO MUCH for this. I love the Urban Decay liner. We have the same issue over oily lids, and even though I love it, I’ve been wanting to find something that is just as good, at a fraction of the price. Going to have to find this one over the weekend! Thanks!

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