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Losing Weight: Week 8 Update

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Week 8 hurt and it keeps hurting today. I started all excited with my exercise routines that I decided it was time to do something more heavily for me. I’ve been using the elliptical machine since I started my workouts so I really wanted something different. My sister lent me her P90X videos, these are a complete routine of exercises and I have honestly heard good things about it so I really wanted to give these a try.

My hubby also wanted to try them out so we programmed we would do the first video on Thursday night which included Arms, Chest and the Ab Ripper (which by the name sounds like something that will hurt pretty bad, but will definitely work out). So here we were making an hour and a half of painful pushups leading me into hurting my waist and making noticeable that I do not know how the hell to do a pushup the right way. FYI We didn’t even make it to the Ab Ripper part.

I got hurt so bad that today is Tuesday (4 days after that infernal workout) and my waist hurts really badly. Last night I did not have a good night sleep because of it. I’ve been taking pain killers but yet I am injured.

I am in no way saying that workout doesn’t work, but I am saying that you have to be careful if you are a beginner. Yesterday I had to do my first routine of the week but that was out of the question. I spent all afternoon lying in my bed because I could not even be sited in a chair.

So my warning would be, if you are trying these for the first time really go easy on them. I think I will be better for Thursday (fingers crossed) and I will start my routines again. For my weight sadly I did not make it to my weekly goal but I keep working out to reach it.

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