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Why raising your standards makes you a better person?

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I remember being only a teenage when I had all these questions in my mind. What am I supposed to do? Am I living a good life? Should I fight for my dreams? Should I do my best? Is it Ok to enjoy my life and try to be happy? Do I even deserve happiness? A tough couple of questions for someone who’s just going through high school, but yet, a remembrance that I was alive and was curious about what life could be.

That was the beginning of the journey in my life trying to find true meaning in what my mission was here. I know that most kids at that age only think about going to party’s or the movies, but for me was more than that, I wanted to discover for what purpose I was placed here. And after years of troublesome mind riddles I found the answer: I was here to be happy and to fight for my dreams.

The next question was how do I accomplish that? And then a block of several years passed in which I just woke up, ate, went to school, and slept. Nothing more; it was like being a robot with human flesh. In that time I did not have any standards.

Until I was 21 years old, I decided I did not want to be part of a toxic relationship with myself, the one who would not put off with the things she wouldn’t be part of or the one who did not speak for her beliefs, I was not going to keep being part of something that suppressed me and didn’t let my wings spread and fly. For so many years I felt oppressed and at some point suffocated. I thought I was fighting for what I believed but I truly wasn’t.

This was a second eye opening and at this point of my journey I had to make decisions that I found very difficult for me at that time. I pushed myself away from people who were close to me but that were not pleased with “this new me” as they said. But the truth was that I was fed up with the life I had in the past and that pushed myself to make me say “I don’t want this anymore, and if these relationships are hurting me and keeping me to aim higher I must let go of them”. And so I did.

After this, I raised my standards a bit more and changed my degree at college because I was not happy with my major and started again, with the right foot; although I had all these insecurities around me, I did have people who loved me and supported me all around. And step by step I started reconstructing my path to a better life. I had all these goals I wanted to accomplish but did not know how, so I kept studying. And accomplished my first goal last year, I graduated from college while working already in the finance field at a big company.

Then I rediscovered my other passion; writing and expressing my feelings thru words. That allowed me open up to a new experience, helped my ideas flow in a way that never had, and made me understand that if I want to succeed I have to aim higher. My next goal is not an easy one, is something I have struggled with since I was young, my weight, but I know that if I want a better life I need to “raise my standards and leave out my comfort zone”. I am sure I will be conquering this battle and also I have my family that supports me, but most important I have my own support, I love myself so much that I want to accomplish everything I set for me, because I was born to be happy and enjoy my life.

I submitted this to The Daily Love and it was published on January 28th you can see it in the following link:

Why Raising your Standards Makes you a Better Person?

I have been subscribed to The Daily Love for a couple of months now and let me just tell you that this website is very inspiring and helps me get motivated each day, but most of all it allows me learn new things about life. I would highly encourage anyone to visit this blog, it really rocks!!


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