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Wal-Mart Freak Out: A Funny Story

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So today I was getting ready for work and I remembered an event that happened to me when I was at high school. Every time I remember that story I laugh to tears, because it was a very funny situation involving me and my mom.

One day we were grocery shopping at Wal-Mart and we were walking thru the women care area. A couple of days before this event, I saw in a magazine this product that I wanted to buy. They were heat wraps for women who suffer from heavy cramps. The way they work is that they come with an adhesive that you attach to your undies, and they keep you warm for around 8 hours. For me this was something amazing because I could use them for school especially in cold weather.

So I saw them and I told my mom: Mom can you buy me a box of patches? The thing I ignored is that my mom immediately thought that I wanted contraceptive patches. She just freaked out (my mom is usually the most patient person in the entire world), this was the first time I saw her like that and I did not know why. So this conversation followed:

Mom: Why do you want patches for???
Me: I saw them in a magazine and they reviewed them and said that they really worked.
Mom: Do you have any idea how to use these???
Me: Yes they come with an adhesive and you attach it to your underwear
(And here’s where she screamed)
Mom: But you have to take your underwear off!!!
(FYI a couple of people turned and watched us weirdly)

And I was like why??? So then I had to show her the box because maybe she was misunderstanding what I wanted. When she saw the box she was relieved and just told me: “Ok, take two boxes”. Just like that.

So this was my first sex talk with my mom, now that I am older every time we remember that story we just LOL.


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