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Frugal Friday’s: Battle of the Bronzers/Blushes

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For today’s Frugal Friday I have prepared this amazing review. I know there are a lot of comparisons about these 2 products, but yet I wanted to share with you my personal experience. Today’s competitors are:

ELF Complexion Blush and Bronzer ($3.00 USD) VS the NARS Highlighting/Bronzing Blush Duo Orgasm/Laguna ($41.00 USD).

Well the first notorious difference it’s the price. For me it’s exorbitant to pay $41.00 dollars for a blush and a bronzer. I know that the product is really high quality but I’m so glad I have alternatives.

So let’s hit the ELF product first. I bought this because I was in desperately need of a bronzer which was not highly shimmery (as my face has the great quality of shim by itself) I am in no need to adding more shiny things to it. I was amazed by seeing that this product was only $3.00 dollars which is a quality that ELF products have (being inexpensive). At first I thought that this product might not work, but hey I was not spending that much, so I decided to give it a try. OMG Best thing ever, bronzer is pigmented enough and it also includes a blush, this thing is so pretty, is kind of a peachy-pinky color with a little bit of shimmer. I always use it with a face primer so I don’t know how the durability would be without one, but using primer it lasts on me the entire day I spend in the office. I love this product so much that I consider it one of my Holy Grail products I cannot go through. Even on the days where I am just using little bit of makeup I use this product. It’s Amazing!!!

For the NARS product, I only have used the Orgasm blush, I bought it and this color is quite brighter in comparison to the ELF one, it gives a nice shimmer to the skin and the durability is quite high on me even without primer. If you would like to purchase only the Orgasm blush this will cost you around $26.00 still a higher cost than the ELF duo.

So my opinion would be go with the ELF you cannot lose too much and perhaps you may win one new product that will be part of your everyday makeup collection. I hope this review has helped you and keep posted for more Frugal Friday’s.


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