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Learning Something New: Makeup Classes

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Without thinking too much about it I decided it. This semester I was going to learn something new. My college offers Arts & Crafts classes each semester. I have tried yoga in the past and I really wanted to join another class this year. So I decided to roll up on makeup classes. The thing is that I really do enjoy makeup and see it as one of my hobbies.

I really like watching makeup videos and applying makeup to myself or anybody else who allows me to do it. Still, I think that this class would be really helpful for me in developing my makeup skills and there’s always something new we can learn from someone else.

Last Saturday, I had my first two hour class. It was the first time in my life that an entire two hour class passed like five minutes. I enjoyed it very much and I really am eager for my second class this Saturday. This made me remember how it feels when you are really passionate about something.

Even though in this class we did not do that much we just had a general overview of what we will be studying in the entire course. I really enjoyed it. I am pretty enthusiastic for next class because we will be taking all the makeup we have with us (I know what you might think, how the hell am I going to be taking all my makeup) for the ones who do not know me, I have quite a big makeup collection and it is obvious that I cannot transport all of it to the class. So I have been working this week in a list of the most substantial makeup I can take. I’ve been doing my homework so eagerly that even my hubby found it strange.

Over the weekend, I also deep cleaned my brushes so that I take them clean. I don’t want to show brushes full of blush or shadow. And today I have to clean the washcloth I am using over my table in order to be hygienic and avoid my brushes touching the table directly, and I have to store my makeup in my case. I am so excited about this class, and most of all to learn something new. I cannot wait for tomorrow’s class ^_^.

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