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Learning Something New: My Makeup Case

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Have you ever been on the search of a makeup case and noticed that some are quite expensive? Have you looked all over internet, in stores, and haven’t found anything that would look stylish? Have you been looking for a non-expensive case that fits most of your makeup and it’s durable? I know I have. I’ve been doing that all the past week. And here’s my solution.

So I got subscribed to a makeup class and our first task was to take all our makeup to the class in order for the instructor to know what we have and to avoid overspending money. As I already have more than enough I think that I am checked at that point. But then, I started thinking where the heck am I going to be storing my makeup all this semester to take to the class. And the truth is that I have had this problem since a long time ago. I usually go to visit my parents or else when I get to take my makeup to other places I don’t have anything proper to store it. I can use a bag, but normally I am afraid that my foundations will spill and combine with shadows, ending this in a nightmare.

I really wanted to buy a makeup case. Another thing is that right now I’m under a budget, so I was not allowed to spend 30 dollars in a professional makeup case. A lady in the class told us that she went to Wal-Mart and bought this case for 5 dollars. I was so excited. But then I reviewed and the case was pretty small so that would not fit my needs. On Wednesday, tired of looking over the internet for plastic containers, boxes, makeup organizers, I found the words tackle box. I really used to think that tackle boxes were kind of expensive, but I decided to give it a try, I mean I had nothing to lose. The truth is that I got very impressed, there were some that obviously were expensive, but there were others that did fit my budget.

So on Thursday I ran to the nearest sporting’s store I have and found this beauty that was on sale:

It has several divisions and two compartments that will allow me to store all my makeup, palettes, makeup tools, etc. I loved the colors and it seems very durable. I will have to use it to give you my review but from my first point of view this seems amazing. I am really happy with this purchase and cannot wait to store my makeup.


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