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Losing Weight: Week 9 Update

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The other day I was reading my daily love mail I receive, and in it they touched a very deep subject that I think I’ve been going through lately. The subject was “One thing YOU MUST DO before setting a Goal” Ok you all know that on the beginning of this year I set my losing weight goal, and on and off I’ve been kind of accomplishing the same. But still, I was trying to analyze why I cannot get to the point where I can accomplish my weekly goals, and why I keep sabotaging my own success.

In the blog, Mastin (The guy who writes The Daily Love) was talking about his own experience in how he made his Goals come true. The next paragraphs I am writing are what he said and I owe him so much that I want to share them with you.

He was saying that in the past before accomplishing the same he did a VISION BOARD of what he wanted to accomplish in life. Then he indicated that we must make a first act of FAITH convincing ourselves that is possible to accomplish our dreams. Then MINDSET ourselves to believe that is possible, ADD value to others people’s lives so that they spread the word to others.

Of course that Vision Boards and Goals are not enough. And maybe that’s where I got stuck, we must have FAITH, we must have PURPOSE, we must have TENACITY and a MINDSET that triumphs over circumstances, and we must be PERSISTENT and try UNTIL it happens (and no shorter than that).

I noticed that I also started falling in this part. “But we have an inner story that is stronger than our inner desire. The power of that story (no matter how real it may seem) is strong enough to hold us back. And when we hold ourselves back, we produce the result of the limiting story, which then backs it up. And if we set goals without looking at why we believe they’re impossible, we are not setting goals – we are hoping or wishing at the best”.

Goal setting starts with beginning to tell a new story about what’s possible for you and WHY it’s possible and why living this way is no longer suitable or tolerable for you. That emotional connection to the PURPOSE of your goal setting is the ENERGY you will need to BREAK THROUGH THE RESISTANCE. And like anything else in life, the more you apply it, the more you practice it, the better you will get at it.

You are going to need to tell a story and surround yourself with people who will support that story. We get side tracked in life by so many people who squash our dreams, but in reality it’s not them squashing our dreams, it’s us squashing our dreams, by accepting their opinion and assessment of the situation, instead of making our opinion and self-approval what matters most.

This is mostly what he said in this blog, I thought that it would be very helpful to include it in this week’s update because it made me remember why I have this goal and why I want to accomplish it and that I need to recover the energy that will make me break the resistance that it’s in me right now. The truth is that I’ve never visualized myself as a girl in shape and that might be the problem I don’t visualize my goal that far or even ever being completed. I don’t see myself thin (in a healthy way of course). And it is time to start seeing me this way. Like a healthy person who enjoys exercise and loves healthy food and with the reward of looking good ?.

So this week I wanted to focus on reaffirming my Goal, I want to learn to be healthy and lose weight, but enjoy doing it, not suffering for not being able to satisfy my pizza cravings. But being happy because I can substitute it with something more substantial and delicious enough that doesn’t let me crave that stuff. I want to be happy every time it gets to the point to start my working out routines, not start with negativity and looking at my hubby with eyes to kill (really!!). Today I see myself as a person who will indeed be healthy, will love exercise and in reward will lose the overweight she has, for the first time. And also, will maintain a healthy life always.

So this is my reaffirmation. Which one is yours?


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