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How to organize your hair supplies

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How do you feel whenever you are trying to get out a bobby pin and it gets tied to something else? Your arm starts getting numbed as you are grabbing your pony tail that took you forever. I used to revive this scene all the time, until I had enough.

The truth is that I have a drawer especially for my hair supplies and there are times when it tends to get a little messy as you can see in the picture. So I was one afternoon organizing and that drawer came to my mind.

So here I am today with this post that I hope gets helpful for all of you. For this I used a plastic container I already have for my hair supplies and an organizing box. These can be found anywhere, but I bought mine at Target, they come in sets of two.

The first step I took was emptying the entire drawer; this was in order to see what I had. Next I cleaned it; the truth is that it had a huge amount of dust. After this, I started separating all the things I had, bobby pins, hair ties, hair clips, etc. I also separated the items I don’t use in order to give them away or throw them into the trash.

When I finished cleaning, I placed everything organized. One tip I can give you is that if you have several hair ties you can use something to pull them together. In my case I had a ring from goody when I bought a pack of ties, this way they don’t run around the entire drawer. Another tip would be that if you have small plastic hair ties or small supplies you can use Ziploc bags to organize them.

And that was it, I hope this helps you get organized with your hair supplies, it did help me a lot, and it also reduces the time I use to get ready every day!

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