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Late for work again? Here’s how to organize your time

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The alarm sounds loudly over your room, you wake up ignoring where you are, what time is it, and what day it is (wishing is Sunday). Then you see the clock and it’s late. The worst that could happen in this situation is that you have a meeting/class scheduled in 30 minutes and you have no idea where your left shoe is. Have this ever happened to you? I know I have been through a couple of those.

But then, how can you avoid these situations for keep happening to you? I mean you are only human, these things should not happen to you and you might think that is your bad luck day. Or it might probably be Friday the 13th. The truth is that you can arm yourself for this not to happen to you ever again. I know that there are things that are out of our hands, but there are others that can be handled and that can help you prevent these disasters.

Prepare your keys/purse/wallet/coat together

You can do this every day you arrive home from work/school it’s really simple, just place all your belongings in the same place, and they should be there the next morning (unless you have tiny elves who hide things from you). I know a lot of people who loses their keys or other personal belongings, and take big amounts of time every day trying to find them. Executing this simple step, will help you get out of home without delays if something unexpected happens.

Prepare your breakfast/lunch the day before

If you are from the percentage of individuals who bring their breakfast/lunch to work I will suggest preparing this the day before. In my case, I have discovered that if I do that it saves me 15 minutes in the morning and even the day before saves me time, because as I am more awake I can prepare it in 10 minutes. Also, I have the same place for my lunch box; this helps me grab anything faster in the morning without leaving things behind.

Aim for light dinners

How many times have you gone out to eat dinner at late hours, or else have prepared a hefty dinner at home in order to comfort your family? Honestly is good to have dinner, but the more carbs you eat and the lateness you do it would be worst for your body. This will impact in not allowing you to sleep well and feel tired the next morning. You may also have a couple of nightmares in the middle of the night and will have to get up to drink some medication. It’s better to have a light dinner with a lot of veggies included.

Prepare your clothes a day before and make sure your shoes are together

I know what a lot of girls may say “I cannot prepare my clothes the day before because I will change my mind the next day”. I understand it, I am a girl and this happens to me once or twice a month, but for those days I have a backup plan. I prepare two outfits. If one doesn’t meet my expectations the other will have to. Or else if you still resist for this to happen you will need to wake up earlier. (Which I am not doing)

Turn off that TV/Computer

Ok there are several of us who love watching some TV before going to bed to “chillax” or else stay in our Facebook accounts until we feel sleepy. The truth is that doing this, leaves your brain more active and not relaxed in any means. It’s better to turn off those things at least half an hour before going to bed and read a magazine or a book. Program yourself; if your sleeping time is at 10:00 pm, turn off your computer at 9:30 pm and go to bed and read. You can also prepare a cup of tea which will help you relax. Make things possible for you to feel comfy. For instance I love using a lavender hand cream before starting to read, it’s part of my odd ritual. I also suggest not having a TV in your room ever, this is the worst thing you can do, and your room should be a place to sleep and rest not a place to watch TV.

Wake up 5 minutes ahead your wakeup hour

I know that all the above steps are to avoid getting up earlier than expected. But you never know if something unexpected may happen (like being Friday 13th) so it’s better to have a 5 minutes backup than nothing on hand.

And last but not least, work on your habits, I know they are hard to make a way of life, but these really help. If you are beginning, you can set them as a weekly goal, and have a prize at the end of the week if you accomplished them. This way they won’t seem that harsh on you. And remember when you master these, the biggest reward will be being punctual, and avoiding stress coming in to your life daily.


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