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It’s Time to Overcome my Traumas

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All these past few days I’ve been working with my will on doing the things I have to do each day (exercise, eat healthy, etc.) If you have followed my losing weigh updates you know that I am a person who battles doing exercise, there will be days were I love doing it but the rest will be literally painful.

In order to accomplish these goals I must admit I’ve been leaning in The Daily Love (if you don’t know what the daily love is this is a community full of motivation and self- esteem). Reading these blogs have helped me in the journey of loving myself and get through many of my traumas and limitations I have created due to failures and bad experiences.

Today especially the topic set by Mastin (The guy who runs TDL) was traumas, and how to overcome these situations. Never in this blog he sub estimates the situations we might have gone through or diminishes our pain; but he touches a very important point. “Whenever we go through some situation we tend to get identified with what happened and let that situation rule our lives forever, making this a reason to not grow. It’s natural to be in a certain state when we suffer a trauma, but the state we choose to be after this is what will determine if we will carry on. At the end our goal is not to avoid pain or to deny it, the goal is to learn that we have the power within us to change and that starts by not letting an event define us”

I got identified with this so much, how many times I have gone through situations and decided to stay there feeling a victim because I am scared or afraid that it will happen again. How many times haven’t I passed opportunities in my life because of being scared of what might happen. Well it is better that when you fall from the horse you hop in again, or else you will stay there all your life wondering what if. It’s better to die knowing that you lived an accomplished life than die asking what if?

So today I make a statement I will hop in that horse again no matter what and keep going forward, I will celebrate my failures because they are part of my success not otherwise. And will say yes to the opportunities life gives me, because that will make me the person I want to be.

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The Daily Love


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