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February 2012

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Welcome to this new monthly section, in where I will be talking about what were the good, bad, and ugly things that came to my life this month. This will be a project oriented to products, situations and things that come to me in a certain month.

So for the month of February these were the things that fell into these categories:

The good:

I rolled on a makeup class. After I finished college I have not gone to school, so each semester my college offers classes on Saturdays this program is called Arts & Crafts, in here you can learn yoga, painting, cooking, and obviously makeup. There are classes for everyone and it’s fun to meet new people while learning something new.

My hubby thought me how to use HTML in order to give format to my posts before uploading them, saving me tons of time.

I finished reading the trilogy of the Hunger Games which I started mid-January, I just have one word AWESOME. I cannot wait for the movie to come out.

I learned what type of motor oil my car needs for an oil change and found out the difference between multigrade and monograde oils.

I learned to use Photoshop, well only the basics, but I am proud of myself. Thanks babe for that also.

I started loving exercise for the first time, yeah that’s right I still kept struggling with that, and I think I’m over it. I really enjoy my exercise time maybe because I’m starting to see results. Also because I’ve been working in my traumas and my self-esteem.

The bad:

I was organizing my makeup collection and noticed that my lip-glosses were kind of gooey, and then I noticed that one little evil lip-gloss opened and decided to stain the others. It was not a nice situation to clean.

I injured my back leaving me with one week without exercises this was bad and ugly because I felt like everything took a high effort to be done. Even putting up socks was a painful experience.

I started using a blush I really love and then one day after finishing getting ready, my makeup bag fell on the floor, my deeply loved blush got loose from its case. It did not break which would have been ugly but now I have to take care of it as if it was my baby.

The ugly:

While organizing my makeup I found a mascara tube I bought (Maybeline XXL) and only used once. I did not remember why until I used it again. Goodness gracious this is the ugliest product ever!!! No wonder I found it on sale.

A couple of months ago I bought the Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner, I have heard raves about this product. I started using it and suddenly my hair felt oily like if I hadn’t washed it for weeks (The same day I washed it). I was not sure if it was the product, but I started using it again this month and it started happening to me again. I am sure that I cannot use that product anymore even if the smell is nice. Maybe it works for some people but for me it was an ugly experience.

And that is all for this month, hope you enjoyed your February as much as I did and Keep posted for more updates!



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