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Losing Weight: Week 10 Update

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So fast, week 10 has come into my life. This has been a time where I have learned A LOT. I have not had the results I have expected into what weight concerns, but I do have seen radical changes in my life.

When I decided to start this challenge I must say I was scared. Scared that I would fail like all the past years I have tried to do the same. I could still hear my internal voice (which I will call Hyde) said: “Yeah you go ahead and give it a try: you will be back down in no time” but the truth is that I did not want to hear that voice again, I wanted Hyde to tell me: “Go ahead I know you can do it, and I am here to support you” Now, some might think that I have lost a screw for the lack of sugar, but the truth is that watching things this way makes me understand myself a little more. And if this will be the step that will take me further to my success I will accept it with all my heart

These words are the words of someone who has been constantly working this past few months in her self-esteem and her own values, how was I supposed to make things work if I don’t SUPPORT and LOVE myself? I think that lots of my failures in my decisions have been because I haven’t given Hyde the most support in order for him to help me accomplish what I want. Couple of weeks ago Hyde decided to give me an opportunity and has helped me starting loving doing exercise. Believe me, this is a big step for me, because never in my life I had enjoyed exercise as I do now. I see the day of exercise as an exciting day not a day full of torture of pain.

Now, I have to partner with Hyde into helping me with my healthy eating habits which have been crazy, I have been watching YouTube videos related to healthy meals and how to prepare them over the weekend so that I have meals for all week. That way I don’t have choice and I will eat what I have on hand. Of course that I won’t live of salads, that is just crazy, I need to incorporate proteins especially for the days I exercise.

I now understand that Hyde doesn’t need for me to shut him down, he needs to be listened and loved and when I need help Hyde will be there for me. This is a new journey in where Hyde will exercise with me not be resisting of me and will enjoy being healthy as much as I do.

Thanks Hyde XOXO!


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