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Feeling Stressed Out? Just Clean your Troubles Away

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Have you ever felt so overwhelmed about all the things you have to do? You try to organize your thoughts but all you can think of is losing time and trouble? There are times when I feel the same way, and I have a solution for solving that.

Today, I was listening to my radio on my way to work, it’s a 30 minutes trip, so I get quite some time to organize my thoughts and specially get updated in news. On one of the station’s I commonly listen to, there was a contest to win some tickets. Anyways the question was: What is the thing that if you do for 20 minutes daily reduces your stress?

A lot of calls started coming and they would say things like meditating, napping, exercising, etc. which by the way are great ways to reduce your stress levels. But there is an unusual thing that really works for me and was the correct answer, get ready for this: Just CLEANING.

That’s right, doing some housework, cleaning, organizing, getting rid of all the clutter helps you organize your thoughts and maintain those stress levels down. I was pretty amazed. I mean I do love cleaning and in some way I made cleaning a part of my fun activities I like doing.

But I wanted to analyze a bit more about this subject, why does cleaning makes you feel good? While cleaning might be related to a stressful and dreadful activity for some, for me this is what it means:

We (Hubby and I) get to catch up with new music as we turn on our music player all over the house while we do the shores; listening to music makes us happy and in some kind of way gets us active to speed things up.

We exercise for free without paying a gym, while we mop, clean furniture, wash dishes, and organize clutter in some way we are exercising even more than staying like a couch potato watching TV all afternoon.

If you have a dirty house you might avoid going home, that is because it’s stressful to see your clutter, your home should be a sanctuary and a place for relaxing, not a place full of stress and madness. I LOVE to get rid of clutter to create a free space, I have this odd tic in which if I go to someone’s home I will instantly activate my ORGANIZING RADAR, if I see papers, laundry, toys, all over the house I will get stressed out (and in some way want to organize their mess), but if I see all organized and neat there is a feeling of peace.

This is what cleaning means to me and now that I reflect about it, this makes me remember why I love it so much, is a time that I dedicate to cleaning my space for working and makes me feel good. No wonder I love doing this activity after a stressful week (Every Friday afternoon) After I clean is like if I just have read a good book and taken a nice cup of tea.

So what does cleaning mean to you?


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