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Frugal Friday’s: Battle of the Blushes Round 2

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Welcome to a new frugal Friday, today I will be talking about a product that for me is definitely Holy Grail since I discovered this product I’ve been the happiest girl on earth. Today’s competitors are:

Coastal Scents 10 Blush Palette ($15.95) VS ELF Mellow Mauve ($3.00), NARS Exhibit A ($26.00), NARS Orgasm ($26.00), Stila Custom Color ($18.00), ULTA Cheek Color ($5.00), Hard Candy Smooth Talker ($6.00), CARGO Mendocino ($29.00), CoverGirl Deep Plum ($4.00), Laura Geller Apricot Berry ($25.00)

First of all, I am a blush junkie (I attribute this to my grandma who loved blush and thought us how to apply it using a bright red lipstick when we were 10); I think that blush is my favorite part of applying makeup I find it very fun. Also with a whole wide variety of blushes available in the market there’s a point where you ask yourself where should I stop? Or at least that’s what I asked myself.

I spent many time and money of my life trying to find the perfect blush. I have tried several brands and several textures. Until I found the Coastal Scents 10 blush palette. Now, the first time I saw this product in their website I thought this might be expensive I mean who is going to sell 10 blushes for less than $30.00 dollars. Well they do. I saw the colors and they seem very pretty in the picture, but still I had my doubts. So I went to my trusty place to check for reviews (YouTube and Blogs). Most of the reviews I saw said that the product was great, good pigmentation, nice package, no problems with the delivery of the products, etc. So I decided it to give them a try, I was quite interested also because there was an additional discount on this product so I ended up paying $10.00 bucks, which is even great because is almost the third of a NARS blush.

The moment of truth came when the product arrived; very nicely packaged I must say, with good protection and awesome samples. But I digress, I started using the blushes and I fell in love. Let me just clarify that I use them with my proper primer and foundation so they last all day (a lot of the blushes I have used in the past do not last that amount of time). They blend easily and are very buildable colors. They have not broken me out in any way and my skin looks really natural. I do not need touch up (which would happen with several blushes I used), it has all the colors I could’ve ever need, and it was cheap.

This product has replaced all my collection of blushes, if I had known about this product before I would have saved me a couple of dollars. But yet I don’t regret it because I am happy I found this.

This is what Coastal Scents claims about their product: “Add a natural, warm glow to your face like a professional with our 10 Blush Palette. Containing four matte and six satiny finished blush/bronzers this palette is perfect for adding a rush of color to those cheeks. This travel friendly, Coastal Scents logo imprinted matte black palette is a must have for every makeup kit” well they did not get mistaken into that description, it does everything it says. Plus there are always discounts in the coastal scents page which really makes much worth buying this product.

So if you are beginning with makeup or want a variety of colors without breaking your piggy bank, I would suggest you to go for this one. You won’t regret it.



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