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Losing Weight: Week 11 Update

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This goal gets more exciting by the weeks pass by. I am happy to say that week 11 has passed and new things happened in my life.

First of all, I ate healthier, and completed my exercise routines loving them more each day, I did have a day off from working out, but for the rest I did exercise combining elliptical machine routines and the Ab ripper’s video from the P90X workout. I got amazed when I weighed myself this past Saturday because I lost 1 kilogram (2.2 pounds) and right now I am at 81.3 (179.23 pounds). This is something good for me because I just had a period of time where my weight would only kept going up.

I also completed my goal of drinking 1.5 litters of water at least once a day. This has improved my life in lots of ways I see my skin healthier, I feel more awake, my digestion is better and even my lips haven’t chapped and we are still in cold weather over where I live.

Now to make things interesting I am adding a new goal for this month, my goal is to get to 79 kilograms, (174.16 pounds) for the beginning of next month. I know that I only have 2 and half weeks for this, but I don’t think that sounds that drastic I only have to keep doing my best effort at all.


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