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Losing Weight: Week 12 Update

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This is a new update for my losing weight week, from last week update I decided to make things interesting by adding short goals to my main goal. For this month of March, my goal was to lose weight and be in the 79 kilograms (174.16 pounds) for the beginning of April (I am ready to leave number 8 behind me).

Well in some kind of way I think that mini goal has been successful, because I weighed myself on Saturday and I weighed 80.8 Kilograms (178.13 pounds) last week I was in 81.3 Kilograms (179.23 pounds) so doing the math I lost 500 grams (1.10 pounds).  Now for the rest of my goal I just need to lose 1.8 Kilograms (3.96 pounds). So I have to behave these next two weeks and do my best, exercise and eat healthy. No cheating!

Can I do it? I surely can.



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