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Learning Something New: Makeup Brushes

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Ok so it’s been a couple of weeks since I started my makeup classes. I go there every Saturday morning and learn new things in the exciting world of makeup. Today I wanted to talk about something that I noticed in my class. We all go there to learn and even if I have some background with makeup knowledge still I wish some things were different.

The other day we had a class related to brushes, the thing is that the class lasts 2 hours and besides talking about brushes we were talking about other matters, leaving the brushes topic for 20 min. Now I am not complaining here, I do know a little about brushes, but believe me when I tell you that there are ladies in their middle 40’s that have never used a brush in their lives (and I am not diminishing them either). Now imagine our instructor trying to explain the material and usage of each brush with 25 women asking questions and having an agonizing expression in their faces. Mentioning also that they have a week to venture and buy all these brushes for the next class.

This is why I decided to do this post, for all you ladies that haven’t used a brush in your lives, and are wondering what the heck is the difference between a black and a white fibered brush? Now I know that normally when you are starting to apply makeup you might not want to invest a lot in brushes. The truth is that nowadays there are A LOT of brands that you can even buy at the drugstore and have perfectly fine kits. But then it comes to WHAT BRUSHES DO I NEED?

Well there are different brushes that will make applying makeup easier and give you a more flawless appearance; there are foundation, powder, eye shadow, blush, and blending brushes.

I will write about the necessary brushes and at the end will tell you about a couple of brushes I just welcomed in my life and have changed me.

Foundation. This is a common brush that has synthetic bristles, this brush helps with the application of liquid foundation. Also there are several styles they come in dense brushes and others that are pointy and help you apply makeup in small corners. It would be up to you, but if it would be my first brush I would go for a dense one that would help me blend the makeup easily. The thing with these brushes is that if you want to get a dense nice brush you might have to order it online or maybe go to MAC, up until now I have not found a brush that would fit my needs, so if anyone knows of a brush please let me know.

Concealer. This is another synthetic bristled brush. This will help you blend your concealer to avoid getting a cakey look. I know is not its purpose but you can also use it to apply shadow with padding motions.

Powder. This is a big fluffy brush that helps you with the application of powders. You can use it for loose and compact powders. This brush helps blending the makeup to avoid looking cakey

Blush. This is similar to the powder brush but it’s smaller to get more precision when applying blush and to avoid looking like a clown.

Eye Shadow (Plain). This brush is ideal for eye shadow application. Important: this brush can be used padding the color to enhance it. I’ve noticed that if I want a more light color you can sweep the brush all over your lid.

Blending. This brush would normally come with goat bristles this is like a MAC 217 a Coastal Scents 205 or a Sigma E25. You can have two of these, one for light colors and another for darker tones. Now, I have two but I use one for blending when I am contouring my face, I have found that this brush is amazing for blending.

Liner. There are several kinds of brushes for this, but I would go for an angled brush to apply gel and shadow liners. If you are applying liquid this always come with its own.

Eyebrows. You could use the angled brush you use for the liner. You can also find a presentation that comes with a comb and a brush in my experience all the ones I’ve had have broken so I don’t like them.

Lips. This is a small pointed tip brush.

Pencil Brush. Pointed brush to blend eye shadows in the lower lash line, you can use this brush to concentrate color in the outer corner of the eye. I specially love this brush this is my second favorite after the blending brush.

Duo Fibred Brush. This brush has two different bristles synthetic and natural; you can use this for baked powders or illuminator. You can also use this for liquid foundation if you want a fine finish. You can also apply mineral makeup with this brush; I would recommend spraying your brush with purified water to improve the application.

Fan Brush. This brush is ideal to remove powder or shadows left and for applying illuminator.

And those would be the brushes I would think necessary for a kit. Now if you ask where you can buy brushes well, there are several brands but for instance ELF brushes are very good, also the ECOTOOLS brand, these two brands can be found in Target, Kmart and Ecotools can be found in drugstores as well they are not very expensive and very durable. Now I have been hearing about a brand called Real Techniques which is sold at Ulta, I have not tried it yet, but been hearing good reviews, I wanted a foundation brush but sadly they seem to be sold out at my Ulta every time I go.

You can also place an order at Coastal Scents (That is where I bought my blending and pencil brushes at less than 2.00 usd each). Or you can order a kit from Sigma, these are a little bit more expensive but I’ve heard good things also, and they always have coupon codes.

If you already have a brush collection, which brushes do you prefer?



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