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Nail of the Day: The Girl Wants Zoya

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So I decided to do the nail of the day. The thing is that my nails always end up being a mess, but yesterday I decided to pamper them a bit.

I also wanted to talk about this amazing top coat I found, this is like my new “Holy Grail top coat of all time product that I will always re-purchase” (Like that couldn’t sound more enthusiastic!). It’s the Sally Hansen Dri-Coat, this product it’s just amazing it literally dries my nails in less than a minute allowing me to do fast mani’s between the hectic week. And it cost me less than 7 dollars. How cool is that? FYI you can find this at any drugstore.

So I have pictures for you showing my nails, I am using two Zoya colors, Caitlin and Pandora, I received these as part of my Birchbox when I was subscribed last year (before I had to sadly cancel my subscription), anyways I found these two yesterday while organizing my polishes and I decided to give them a try again.

Caitlin is this beautiful purple-grayish color, one coat would be enough but I applied two. And Pandora is this pinky-nude every day wear color, perfect for the office; I had to use two coats of this though. I added Caitlin in one of my nails to add this pop of color, but not so overwhelming for my office look.

Here’s the finished look:


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