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Losing Weight: Week 13 Update

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Hey everyone, so this is my new update for my losing weight challenge that I’ve been following up since the year started. For this month I added a new goal to make things interesting, my goal is making it to 79 Kilograms (174.16 Pounds), leaving the terrifying 8X behind forever.

So for last week I wrapped up in 80.8 Kilograms (178.13 Pounds) and this week I am happy to say that when I weighed on Saturday I ended up in 80.4 Kilograms (177.25 Pounds). I lost total of 400 grams (0.88 Pounds) and though is not that much I think that is a good improvement.

Now this is my last week so I have to lose 1.4 Kilograms (3.08 Pounds), honestly this is a big challenge but I will do my best to make this happen! I am still happy and enthusiastic because all these months I’ve been making great changes in my lifestyle and even though I still have little fall outs I am learning from them and keep moving forward.



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