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My Love and Hate Relationship with The Hunger Games


Back in January I had my monthly overdose of The Hunger Games. I remember that I started reading the books because I heard someone saying great things about the story. So I couldn’t help it and went thru the first part in less than 3 days, making me crave for the next two parts, finishing them in less than a month.

You can now imagine how thrilled I was when I heard that the movie will be released in March. For the last couple of months I could only rave about how cool this would be. I mean The Hunger Games for real, until yesterday, when I got out of the movie theater.

When this weekend started I had rising hopes for the movie, I even got people around me kind of exasperated because of my excitement of going to the movies. So there I was yesterday in the theater all happy at 2 pm (Yes..I go to the movies early), eager for the movie to start. It kind of reminded me when I used to go and see Harry Potter.

But, as I saw the movie developing I found that:

  • They changed things in the story. Ok I am not that annoyed about it, because I mean how you are going to tell an entire book in 142 minutes without making some adaptations to it? But I really wanted to see how Prim’s goat looked like and also the cheese she used to do. I even dreamt about tasting that cheese. But that’s just me.
  • I felt the story started kind of slow. I don’t know I mean I just felt it slow but all of the sudden you could see action everywhere like wooopahhh.
  • I got dizzy at some shots. Which led me to the question, am I converting into some kind of Old Hag? Really there were scenes where I couldn’t get what the hell was going on because I felt so dizzy that even the nacho’s I was eating started rumbling in me.
  • I felt that I needed more connection with the characters. Ok I read the books, but still if I hadn’t I wouldn’t have understood the characters well enough to make a bond with them.
  • They showed Haymitch as a lovable trainer… Really? Ok not that much but he seemed softer than he looked in the books, I mean I was waiting for someone rough with all his traumas on board, I don’t know why I just did.
  • In some parts I felt the story was cold, without emotions, I mean I did feel the chill when Katniss sacrificed for Prim or in the Rue Part which I will not spoil. But rather than that, I felt like Katniss’ mother, Cold and Motionless which by the way, I imagined her exactly the same way while reading the books.

So I got out of the movie with a Love-Hate emotion inside of me which has lasted me since today. I mean I LOVED the books and we shared a great three weeks. But I really wanted to like the movie as well and make this my new option of eagerness to go to the theater once in a while. I am unsure right now if I will go and watch the second movie. Maybe I will wait for it to come to DVD. Only time will say.


2 thoughts on “My Love and Hate Relationship with The Hunger Games

  1. hiya, awesome review. 🙂 i didn’t think about some of the things you talk about here but i completely agree with what you mean about feeling dizzy because the camera man couldn’t hold the damn thing still. this wasn’t even during like action scenes, i remember being like urrrrk at the opening in district 12.

    i also agree with what you mean about the movie being quite cold and not having enough of a connection to the characters. i mean i thought the movie was pretty good but that really stopped me from loving it, you know.

    i’ve written my own review about the movie in comparison to the book and it sounds like something you might be interested in. the link is

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