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Project Pan Update 03/27/12


So it’s been a couple of months since I’ve started my project pan and let me just tell you that this has been challenging as hell.

So I started this project because the truth is that I own a lot of makeup and I do want to get use of it before having a closet full of crap that might expire. Now I don’t have anything against having some makeup, but when it gets to the point where you just don’t know what you have, that’s when you need to stop.

So that is why I started this project, now as the time has passed by I have learned a lot, like how I might have chosen some incorrect products like a new CoverGirl eye shadow trio for my eye shadow category, but hey I need to stick to the plan right?

And also I kind of started getting tired of these products which has led me to be more innovative creating makeup styles. I also have discovered that there are some products that are just not good for my skin and in fact are pure evil. I am talking about my face primer category when I added products I selected two my benefit porefessional which I started using constantly, I love this product but when it was almost reaching to an end I started using my second selection which is my Hard Candy Sheer Envy primer which does nothing but brake me out badly and makes me shine like a disco ball, yep that’s right.

I am sorry, but I had to give this baby a better home because for my sister works wonders and I didn’t want to end up throwing it to the trash. Now I am currently using the porefessional again, hoping it will last me more. A product I am seeing the end of soon it’s my Revlon Lip Butter in Crème Brule I love this product so much that I use it every single day, and I would definitely repurchase it (but I need to go through other products first).

For foundation I keep using my Neutrogena Healthy Skin, which I added since the last update when I finished my Almay TLC foundation. Honestly I started hating my Neutrogena, but now we are sort of friends.

Another product I am seeing an end to as well is my Bath & Body Works body lotion which I use every single day so it was kind of obvious this would come to an end soon, but still has lasted me quite a bit.

Still I keep high hopes, and I definitely have been saving my coins with this project. I honestly think that in some kind of ways this has also been a therapy for overcoming my shopaholic background for the past years.

So yay for project pan ^_^



2 thoughts on “Project Pan Update 03/27/12

  1. ahhhh I need to do this like asap lol

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