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Don’t let Spring Cleaning Overwhelm you: Start Slow!

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With spring entering in our lives right now there might be a lot of things you have to do, especially if you are a person who stores wardrove for different seassons or if you have a home that needs to get ready for warmer days. Here I will be giving you some tips you can use to start with your cleaning without going nuts and ending up throwing everything in boxes without knowing what did you storage and what did you threw away.

  1. First of all take a deep breath, this task will be taking you some time, so be prepared to have time available to complete your tasks.

  2. Make a list. Doing lists has always helped me to accomplish my tasks, so you need to plan ahead before going into that closet and start making a huge mess. I usually will start doing a list the week before I will do the task, this will give me time to consider all the details and evaluate if I will be needing things I don’t have available at home. Maybe I will need to pick up some boxes or markers. Moreover, it will give me enough time to be realistic and conscious that this project will take time and effort.

  3. Divide and Conquer. You might have a lot of different projects for your spring cleaning, maybe you will not only have to clean your closet, but your entire house. In these cases what I would do is divide each part of the house in days. For instance main closet one day, other closets another day, kitchen a different day, and so on. It is impossible to clean everything in one day and if you do you will end up not doing a very good job and with the worst back pain ever.

  4. Now chose which room will you start first, you can be all sassy and start with the room you hate the most or maybe you will need motivation so start with your favorite one.

  5. The day before. Have everything ready in one place, boxes, markers, baskets, plastic bags, etc. When you start working you don’t want to run downstairs for something you forgot to get ready because that will make you lose time.

  6. For all the rooms the KGTR rule applies KEEP, GIVE, TRASH, RESTORE. For everything you own you will have to submit to this rule and have a different pile for each category. Now there are people who might want to apply the KKK rule which would mean KEEP, KEEP, KEEP or the extreme TTT TRASH, TRASH, TRASH. Let me just tell you that I don’t think neither of those two is healthy. You need to be objective here and to help you I have this:

  • If you haven’t use it in a year you won’t use it next year.

  • If you are waiting for those jeans to fit you they might never fit again.

  • Don’t add things to your restore pile if you do not have the time to restore things really. Just give the thing away to someone who can use it.

  • If you didn’t miss it in a month what makes you think you will be missing it next seasson.

  • Give things thinking that these will be helpful for someone else, don’t give things you wouldn’t even use your self.

  • Throw away anything that is broken, ripped, and funny smelly (It can happen)

  • Keep only the things you will be truly using, if you still have stuff you didn’t give away separate it from your other belognings if you don’t use it for a month you will have to give it away, and make sure someone else knows this so that they can supervise you.

  • Make sure to give away everything you separated in your GIVE pile, no cheating

  • Have fun while cleaning. You can listen to music that motivates you and helps you keep going.

  • Have water and healthy snacks available. There will be a time between your task were you will want to take a rest, have healthy foodavailable (like chunks of fruit in the fridge or flavored water) this will help avoiding ordering for a pizza or unhealthy food. The thing here is that eating junk food will only tire you more and you won’t have energy to keep it up.

And last but not least celebrate, after finishing your job, you have made a great effort doing this activity so why not relax!


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