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Tomiko’s Good, Bad & Ugly for the month of March

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Hi everybody so here I am today to talk about the good, the bad and the ugly for the month of March. I cannot believe this month is already over and we are entering in April, next thing I will be saying is Happy Birthday to me in June jeje. Anyways, let’s keep on rolling.

The good:

We finally got our new camera and I just looove it. I sold my old Sony Cyber Shot because it didn’t make my hubby happy (Ok me neither). So we were in the hunt for a new one for a while and finally we got the one. It is a Canon ELPH 100. Believe me this baby is the best thing ever, and the video OMG I just love it, and the price perfect we got if for under $150.00. How can you beat that?

This month I have been giving much more use to my Urban Decay NAKED palette, I love this thing, but foremost my favorite shadow is SIN. Yes I love SIN, I literally used it every single day this month.

I have been loving my Maybeline Lash line Stiletto all this month, a couple of months ago I gave it a try and it was total failure, but I tried again this month and I have gotten pretty good with my pulse. I love it to make pin up looks and it lasts all day on me without creasing at all.

I have finally learned how to apply false eyelashes the proper way. I have been using them more often for the sake of practicing for my makeup class and I love the finish they give to complete my look, of course I cannot use them every single day but I think they are pretty for a special occasion.

The bad:

My Coastal Scents blush palette that fell last month had a broken blush that kept clinging to the palette. Well this month it broke completely and I need to fix it desperately because it was my favorite blush. Anyhow I will keep you posted if fixing it worked.

The ugly:

The weather in my town has been awful and crazy, we started with very cold days and now we are completely melting. The weather has been so bad that I ended up getting the flu and now I feel so dizzy and exhausted. This is a reminder that summer will be completely HOT.

So that’s all for today I hope you enjoyed this month as much as I did!



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