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Great Makeup Brushes at Good Price


Hi everyone, today I am supper excited about this post. I am going to talk about a tool that I have been searching for some time now without succeeding. If you read my makeup brushes post you know that I talked about listening raves from the Real Techniques makeup brushes. These brushes are from Samantha Chapman who’s a Makeup Artist and has her own channel in YouTube.

Anyways, when I saw the brushes I thought they were very pretty but thought that the price would be overwhelming, but the truth is that they are not. So I started my search for the foundation brush, because I am missing that brush in my makeup kit (I apply my foundation with my hands). When I saw they were sold at ULTA I thought I have to go and get one, the truth is that the search lasted a lot of time, every time I went to my ULTA they were completely sold out, all of the brushes. So, yesterday I had to go to buy a new conditioner and thought maybe I’ll get lucky I even had my discount coupon with me (just in case).

So I ran into the hallway and they had a kit, it is called “On Location, Travel Essentials” this comes with a foundation brush, multi task brush (powder, blush or bronzer) and a Doomed Shadow Brush. It also comes with a panoramic case which can carry your brushes and converts into a stand for your brushes. The kit was for $17.99 Now doing the math the foundation brush alone I saw it in other website selling for $9.99 the powder costs around the same and the shading brush costs $5.99 which gives a total of $25.97 (without the case) and while doing this math I thought I must take this or I will regret later, so with my coupon code and all I ended up paying around $14.00 bucks. Neat Right!

Now, I haven’t used them yet because I like washing my brushes before the first use, but I have very high hopes for these babies. They feel very soft and nice the material seems very good made and chic.

So if you are looking for a kit of brushes I would suggest buying this I mean they seem really nice and unique. I have added pictures below of the real product, enjoy!




4 thoughts on “Great Makeup Brushes at Good Price

  1. Great post, thanks for sharing. I’m looking for good make-up brushes that don’t leave stray brush hairs all over my face! 😦

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